Jenna and Brian Sunrise Engagement Session at Cocoa Beach

Jenna and Brian's engagement session was my first photograph session of the year. We had to reschedule the session to the week after because of the rain. Even after a week, the weather was still not as good as we would like. I still remember vividly that day. We had to move down the coast and change the session location to chase after the sun. Fortunately, we were able to catch some beautiful lighting of the sunrise. On top of that, Jenna and Brian made a wonderful engaged couple. They are just two good looking people that made our job so much easier. Who doesn't love to capture a beautiful couple and a cute puppy right? 

We love their engagement photo session. It's just so romantic and sweet. We chuckled a bit looking at Yeti, the puppy's face too. Maybe next time, we can opt for a rainy engagement photo session that looks like the Notebook. Just an idea. But first, we have to find a couple who are willing to do it.