Maura and Joseph's Glamour Wedding at Loft .84 in Riverside, CA

Maura and Joseph's wedding in April was our first wedding of the year 2018 and I couldn't ask for a better one. It was beautifully decorated at Loft .84 in Riverside, CA. The venue, Loft .84, is a historical building and you have to be there to see how amazing it looks. Besides the venue and stunning work of the florist, the wedding party were hot. Seriously, photographing a big wedding party is difficult but they made it so much easier for us. 

I'm still so happy to this day that they let us be their wedding photographer and videographer. Not only that, Maura and Joseph always trusted our vision and followed our lead. That really helped us to be more creative with our work. 

Florida Boho Estate Stylized Shoot at Banyan Estate

I always wanted to do a Boho wedding styled shoot for a really long time. I finally got the courage to gather all the local vendors to team up and make this happen. Everyone was extremely talented and did a wonderful job. 

It took us over a month for planning and making the ideas a reality. Shout out to Tara from Stimula Event Design who planned out all the decor ideas and helped me keep everything on track. I would have been able to do this without her. Thank you Glenda from Miss Cuppy Cakes who brought extra cup cakes for us at the shoot and of course her jaw-drop naked wedding cake. Susan, our florist from What Really Matters really blew us away with her stunning wedding bouquet and wretch. The models could not have looked that beautiful without the help of Heather from Beachside Beauty Bar. The whole session would not have been successful without the setup and decorations of Joy and her company, Timeless Vintage. 

Banyan Estate is a fairly new wedding venue in Palm Bay, Florida. It was renovated from an old high school in the area. The best part is you can have either outdoor and indoor ceremony or reception depends on your need. The place is stunning and I am sure, brides will love this venue. 

Florist: What Really Matters, Inc.
Planner/Designer: Stimula Event Design
Hair and MUA: Beachside Beauty Bar
Decor rental: Timeless Vintage LLC
Venue: Banyan Estate
Stationary: The Joy Co
Photographer: Simon and Sally

Shoutout to our model husband and wife, Andrea and Steve.

Maura and Joseph's Downtown LA Engagement Photo Session

I got to spend my Sunday evening around Downtown Los Angeles with Maura and Joseph for their engagement photos. It was uber fun and adventurous in a way. Their engagement photos in downtown LA are so cute and romantic. If you haven't seen their wedding photos at Loft 84 in Riverside check it out here!

I am now accepting booking for 2018 and early 2019 weddings in Los Angeles, Central Florida and destination locations of course.

WE DO TRAVEL!!! So if you are not local to me, feel free to ask. We'd love to come to you anytime.

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Maddie High School Senior Photo Session at Cape Canaveral

To celebrate one of Maddie's high school senior portraits has been viewed over 100k times and pinned over 3000 times (still growing every day) on Pinterest, I decided to blog this her beautiful portrait pictures today so everyone can drool over this lovely session! It was the first sunrise portrait session I have ever done. I really did not know what to expect but fortunately, it was even more stunning than I would imagine. Maddie, our senior from Melbourne High School, definitely made the photograph session went great. She was just beautiful, don't you think? Everything just fell into place. I'm so glad to be her high school senior photographer. 

If you are a graduating high school senior in Orlando or Melbourne area and looking for someone to have your senior pictures taken, I would love to be your senior portrait photographer. Maybe your photos can go viral like Maddie on Pinterest. You'd just never know :). 

Yanira and Octavio Beverly Hill Courthouse Elopement

I had my first courthouse elopement at Beverly Hills Courthouse last Friday and it was so intimate, raw and beautiful. I couldn't be anymore touched to be the only witness in the room with them. Seeing them becoming husband and wife made my heart flustered. I love this job and feel enormously fortunate when they chose me, not anyone else to photograph their lifetime event. Congratulations again Yanira and Octavio.

Did I forget to add we went to Taco Bell afterward to celebrate? 

I am now accepting booking for 2018 weddings in Los Angeles, Central Florida and destination locations of course.

WE DO TRAVEL!!! So if you are not local to me, feel free to ask. We'd love to come to you anytime.

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Debbie and Kelly's Elopement at Santa Ana Courthouse

My last wedding/elopement of 2017 was with Debbie and Kelly. I definitely couldn't find better clients to end the year with. Congratulations on your marriage.

Their elopement happened at Santa Ana Courthouse. People call it Old Orange County Courthouse as well. We didn't realize the front of the courthouse was under repaired and they blocked off the whole thing. We couldn't get any photos of them in front of the place which was one of the big reason Kelly wanted to elope there. However, we sneaked into the big court room and got some beautifully intimate photos of them together. Well, we technically asked permission from the worker there. I asked them to confess while they wanted to marry each other. Kelly started crying and Debbie was also teary. I thought it was so sweet and romantic. Photographing their elopement makes me love my job more and appreciate the fact that clients like them allow me to continue doing what I'm passionate about. 

I am now accepting booking for 2018 weddings in Los Angeles, Central Florida and destination locations of course.

WE DO TRAVEL!!! So if you are not local to me, feel free to ask. We'd love to come to you anytime.

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Surprised Proposal of Matt and Kailee at Banyan Estate, Malabar

I cannot believe it took me sooooo long to finally blog this stunningly romantic surprised proposal at the Banyan Estate in Palm Bay, Malabar area. Simon and I got to meet Matt and Kailee at the open house of the Banyan Estate. They told me the story how they met and traveled around Southeast Asia together. You know what people say; if you can travel together and survive, you are a perfect match. Yes, they are!!! 

I was honored and happy to receive a call from Matt asking us to be their photographer on the day he proposed to her. I felt even better knowing that he was doing it at the Banyan Estate, where I dreamed to photograph again after the wedding styled photo session back in the summer last year. Matt had been really nervous since he contacted me until the minute she said yes. Needless to say, he did an amazing job, decorating the room, gathering everyone and especially keeping it a secret until the very end. Don't you just love those rose pedals? 

If you are planning a surprised proposal and looking for a photographer to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment, don't hesitate to contact us! We love to be part of it. 

Jenna and Brian Sunrise Engagement Session at Cocoa Beach

Jenna and Brian's engagement session was my first photograph session of the year. We had to reschedule the session to the week after because of the rain. Even after a week, the weather was still not as good as we would like. I still remember vividly that day. We had to move down the coast and change the session location to chase after the sun. Fortunately, we were able to catch some beautiful lighting of the sunrise. On top of that, Jenna and Brian made a wonderful engaged couple. They are just two good looking people that made our job so much easier. Who doesn't love to capture a beautiful couple and a cute puppy right? 

We love their engagement photo session. It's just so romantic and sweet. We chuckled a bit looking at Yeti, the puppy's face too. Maybe next time, we can opt for a rainy engagement photo session that looks like the Notebook. Just an idea. But first, we have to find a couple who are willing to do it.

Debbie's Family Photo Session at Cherie Down Park, Cape Canaveral FL on a Stormy Day

I was in Cocoa Beach last weekend to do a family session for Debbie and her family. The weather was so bad we had to move it to the next day. It was still probably the worst weather I've ever had to deal with. Crazy wind, zero sunlight with completely cloudy sky but I think I still rock it?! Right? I hope so!! We had so much fun and laugh, however. It was definitely worth it.

If you love our work and want to have a family photo session with us, feel free to contact us anytime. We're photographers based in Los Angeles and Melbourne, Florida. 

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Caitlin and Hunter's Engagement Photo Session at Lori Wilson Park

Caitlin and Hunter recently moved to Orlando from Memphis. They came to me wanting to get their engagement photos taken for their upcoming wedding back home next year. The couple's chemistry was unbelievably cute. Caitlin was really shy at first with being intimate in the public but Hunter was understanding and encouraging. After a while, she got comfortable. She was crazily photogenic! Oh her smile, so sweet. The session went through like a breeze and I came home with stunning photos of them. I cannot be happier and excited to share with you these breathtaking photos of this beautiful couple. Thanks again for letting me photograph your engagement session.

If you are looking for an engagement/wedding photographer, please don't forget to contact me. I'd love to talk! We are going be mainly based in Los Angeles in October and focus on growing more as destination photographers. Please do support us by having us to capture your once in a life time moments. 

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