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Sewit's Santa Ana Courthouse Elopement

Sewit found me on Google thanks to my blog of Kelly’s Santa Ana courthouse elopement. I was so happy to be able to photograph another marriage at Santa Ana courthouse. The time of the day was different though so the sun light shining to the staircase was different as well. Thanks to that, I was able to capture their elopement in another perspective. Being a photographer, you can hit creative block quite often. Photographing weddings at the same venue multiple times definitely does not help. The lighting is something we can change around and make the photos look stand out for each couple. A friend reached out to me to be their wedding photographer here at Santa Ana courthouse at the end of this year. Cannot wait to produce another work that aren’t exactly the same as the ones that I did so far.

If you ever fancy an elopement at Santa Ana courthouse or any courthouse in LA/OC county, feel free to reach out to me anytime. We would love to be your photographer.

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Maura and Joseph's Glamour Wedding at Loft .84 in Riverside, CA

Maura and Joseph's wedding in April was our first wedding of the year 2018 and I couldn't ask for a better one. It was beautifully decorated at Loft .84 in Riverside, CA. The venue, Loft .84, is a historical building and you have to be there to see how amazing it looks. Besides the venue and stunning work of the florist, the wedding party were hot. Seriously, photographing a big wedding party is difficult but they made it so much easier for us. 

I'm still so happy to this day that they let us be their wedding photographer and videographer. Not only that, Maura and Joseph always trusted our vision and followed our lead. That really helped us to be more creative with our work.