PAUL’s Intimate Wedding at Private Residence in Mims, Florida

Last weekend I had the pleasure to photograph two weddings on Saturday and Sunday. Each of the wedding had their own charms and beauties. I cannot really say which one I love more because I adore them both. I feel like a true destination wedding photographer in Florida now since we have travelled all over the state to capture weddings. 

This lovely intimate ceremony was at the backyard, the stunning backyard. Seriously, if I had a house with that killer-looking backyard, I would not want to travel as much as I do now anymore. Looking at the wedding photos, I feel like a I’m in a fairytale. 

Paul is an engineer working at Cape Canaveral and Lisa is doing her PhD. They were super fun and open. Before we left, Paul told us he could not believe he was marrying a wonderful woman like Lisa and he was still pinching himself to make sure it was real. I thought it was true love right there. I’m so happy for the newly weds! 

If you want to have us photographing your wedding day, do not hesitate to contact us! We are in Cocoa Beach area but totally down for traveling anywhere to capture your big day. I cannot wait until we can call ourselves a true destination wedding photographer and travel the world to meet awesome engaged couples. 

RON’s Intimate Wedding At Private Residence in Jacksonville

Simon and I have been busy with traveling around and spending time with his family. They came visit us in Cocoa Beach area from Los Angeles. After that, we went to Colorado to attend the Air Force Academy Graduation as well. It was super fun and memorable. 

I now finally have sometime to sit down and post some photographs of Ron’s intimate wedding few weeks ago in Jacksonville. We were so fortunate to be their wedding photographer. It was small, casual and laid back. I definitely felt like I was part of their family, not just a wedding photographer for their wedding. 

So here are some of the wedding pictures of their big day. 

KATHERINE’s Family Photo Session at Washington Oak Beach, Florida

Katherine is my second out-of-town client whom wanted to take some beach photography when they were vacationing in Florida. There was a lot of frowning, screaming, crying and running around by the kids. Katherine and her wife barely had a chance to take some by themselves. It showed how much their kids were attached to them. It was great, however, because this photoshoot let me do what I do best, taking candid photos. That is totally my style. 

So if you are ever visiting Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach or just in the area and want some photography session with me, don’t hesitate to book me. I would love to be your photographer. 

And Washington Oak Beach is beautiful. Totally worth making a trip there if you are in central Florida. 

If you are a LGBT couple and looking for a photographer for your wedding or family session, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime :). We serve clients anywhere in Florida.

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