Ashley + Nolan SunRise Engagement Session in Melbourne,FL

Ashley and Nolan were a bit shy yet cute at the beginning of their engagement photo session. It only took them a little time to be themselves and showcase their love. They were adorable, genuine and affectionate. We did not feel stressed or pressured once. The photo session went by fast and easy. We just love taking engagement photos. We got a chance to do a home engagement photo session with them in Melbourne besides the beach as well. Although it could be a little rough taking photos of pets in general, their pets were super cute and photogenic. Ahhh, just so much love in the air. Can’t wait to photograph more and more engaged couples like this in the future. 

Melbourne Engagement and Wedding Photographer 

Beautiful Graduation Invitations from Basic Invite

Are you about to graduate this coming year and cannot wait to announce this great news to family members and friends? Besides college applications, there are gazillions of other things that I’m sure you, a high school senior, have to prepare for these last few months. I just want to introduce you to Basic Invite, which can help make your life easier when it comes to designing your graduation announcement cards. Hey, one less thing to worry about right? 

There are several companies that provide variety of designs and materials. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed in the process of creating the best photo graduation invitation. With Basic Invite, there are multiple things that set them apart. They can easily be one of the best options you can find. 

There are only few websites that will provide you almost unlimited color options with instant previews online and Basic Invite is one of them. You can choose over 180 different color options for each element on the card to fit every little detail of your design. Yay to no more compromising. On top of that, Basic Invite also allows you to order a printed sample of your actual invitation. That way, there will be no surprising on the day that you will receive your graduation cards. What you see from your printed sample is exactly what you will get to send out to everyone. Another amazing feature is their free address collection service. You can request your address with just three simple steps which are sharing a link, collecting addresses, and get free envelope printing. Sounds totally off-the-hook, doesn’t it? Then, why wait? Head to their website and find out for yourself! 

Maddie High School Senior Photo Session at Cape Canaveral

To celebrate one of Maddie’s high school senior portraits has been viewed over 100k times and pinned over 3000 times (still growing every day) on Pinterest, I decided to blog this her beautiful portrait pictures today so everyone can drool over this lovely session! It was the first sunrise portrait session I have ever done. I really did not know what to expect but fortunately, it was even more stunning than I would imagine. Maddie, our senior from Melbourne High School, definitely made the photograph session went great. She was just beautiful, don’t you think? Everything just fell into place. I’m so glad to be her high school senior photographer. 

If you are a graduating high school senior in Orlando or Melbourne area and looking for someone to have your senior pictures taken, I would love to be your senior portrait photographer. Maybe your photos can go viral like Maddie on Pinterest. You’d just never know :). 

Orlando High School Senior Photographer

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