First blog entry - First Family photoshoot - First client ever

Man, it really took me quite a while to finally put up a blog post about this FIRST-of-everything photoshoot. 

Tracy found me and showed tremendous interest in taking her maternity photoshoot along with her hub and two lovely daughters. I gotta say she has the cutest kids in the world, and photogenic, so much that I couldn’t stop photographing them. 

I remember we had a long day that day because of all the house hunting, kayak shopping, and driving back and forth. I gotta say we were pretty exhausted for the most part. It was Simon and I first time to Dickson Azalea Park in Orlando as well. It was a small lovely park located right in the middle of this neighborhood. If I lived close by, I would totally just go spend time at the park every day. 

That day was also Tracy’s husband’s birthday so she was throwing her a secret birthday party that he did not know about. The oldest girl was hushing me for almost revealing the secret. 

It was definitely my pleasure to be able to work with them! Love to see them again with the 3rd baby!

Brittany’s Family Photo session at Enchanted Forested \\ Photoshoot with an 18-month-old baby

Brittany found me and showed interest in a photoshoot for her 18-month-old baby. For someone who has never had kids, I did not realize it was an incredible point of a growing baby. They are supposed to change quite a bit at two-year mark. 

It was, of course, my first time taking photo for such small little princess. I did not know what to expect much, but I was mentally prepared and determined. I was going to conquer this quest and took amazing photos for Britt and her family! It was their first photoshoot anyway. 

BOY, I was wrong in so many ways. I was defeated (well, not completely fortunately!)

1. It was a bit later during the day. The heat really put a toll on us, especially the girl.

2. A baby does whatever she wants. Because she can! Yes, she can! It was a struggle to get her to pose, do all the things I was imagining they would do. On the bright side, she was a natural. She occasionally threw in beautifully lovely smiles that I couldn’t stop being so mesmerized. She was cute. 

3. The location was not the best. Being new in the area, I thought the Enchanted Forest would be a good place to bring out the green in the photos. Well, it was much smaller than I expected. I gotta give it the credit for having such a beautiful stage surrounded by stunning greenery! 

I’m glad the photos still turned out alright and brought joys to the family! 

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